Feb 16, 2024
The Need for a Strong Legal Framework to Support Human Rights Commitments in International Sports

International Sports Issues and Development

Sports events bring together billions of people from around the world. This huge audience provides terrorist groups with a global platform on which to broadcast their propaganda and aims.

While some governing bodies and event organizers have made formal human rights commitments, others have not. This article will discuss the need for a stronger legal and regulatory framework to support these commitments.


Globalisation is an incredibly pervasive phenomenon. In a few short centuries primitive pasture games involving balls made of rocks, rags, feathers or hair have become global sports played all over the world and watched by billions on TV. But conventional wisdom suggests that, as sport grows global it becomes more controlled and competitive, disconnected from its local origins.

This is clearly evident in the emergence of global monopolies like FIFA and the IOC, and in the willingness of Western nations to host Olympic games in authoritarian regimes that disregard human rights. However, there is also resistance from below – populist movements that are willing to assert Westphalian sovereignty but reject international norms governing their domestic cultural practices (e.g., the UDHR and ECHR). These challenges from above and below affect the credibility of liberal values that underpin international sports agreements such as the World Anti-Doping Code; the Olympic Charter; the Brighton Plus Helsinki 2014 Declaration on Women and Sport; and the Universal Declaration of Player Rights.

Climate change

Climate change poses significant challenges to sport at every level. It increases the risks of athletes’ health and safety; impacts venues, infrastructure, and weather; and increases costs for spectators and event organizers. It also affects communities, including those most vulnerable to flooding, droughts, and wildfires.

Several studies have assessed the climate impact of sports, but most focus on mega events or elite sport. Fewer studies cover grass-roots or women’s sports, activity in Africa and South America, and global sport (badminton, cricket, tennis, and volleyball). Further research is needed on carbon accounting tools for smaller clubs and active participants; on cobenefits and tradeoffs between mitigation-adaptation efforts; on leveraging geopolitical influence; and on scope for climate change litigation against hosts and sponsors of carbon-intensive events.

Some sports organizations are taking steps to address these issues. For example, Germany’s Bayer Leverkusen uses only clean energy and has a zero-carbon stadium. Other trailblazing teams and venues are implementing a wide range of practices, from using alternative fuels to cutting out single-use plastics.

Human rights

Human rights issues are often linked to major sporting events. These range from the exploitation of construction and hospitality workers, often migrants, to the removal of communities in the run-up to such events. The issue of discrimination against women in sport, as well as transgender athletes, also needs to be addressed.

This is not just about awareness raising; rather, systems-level strategies are required to shift stakeholders’ belief-driven behaviours. Furthermore, access to remedy must be ensured.

For these reasons, many sports organisations should consider integrating a human rights framework into their existing structure. They should also be more clear in their commitments, preferably by adding human rights clauses to their founding documents. In this way, they can show their willingness to be held accountable for any human rights harms that occur during the staging of their events. This will require them to undertake due diligence and to implement robust policy, evaluation and measurement frameworks. It will also require them to ensure that all stakeholders have the right to remedy when they are harmed.

Sport for development

Hundreds of organisations—governmental, non-governmental, corporate, charitable and sport-based—have harnessed the power of sport in relation to international development. They use it for a variety of issues including gender equality, promoting health and (vocational) training, combating HIV/AIDS, preventing violence and trauma counselling, advancing economic development, improving education, environmental protection and peace and conflict resolution.

These efforts can also help to promote the importance of human rights in the context of international sports. Mass sporting events, such as football World Cups and Olympic Games, attract media attention like few others and can steer public discussion towards key development topics.

JSFD is pleased to announce that Adam Cohen, Ph.D., has joined the Editorial team as Co-Editor. He brings a deep commitment to the field and will work tirelessly to further JSFD’s mission. Read his first editorial here. We look forward to his contributions in the future.

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Jan 16, 2024
Uniting Global Football Fans: Exploring the World of International Football Broadcasts

Imagine you’re catching waves on the internet’s vast ocean, searching for that one thrilling match of 해외축구중계, waves of excitement crashing around you as the game plays out on screen. Now, there’s a surge of sports enthusiasts hungry for real-time action, a hunger that doesn’t understand the language of delay.

해외축구중계, or international football broadcast, is the golden ticket for fans outside the playing field’s country. In a world where distances are now measured in clicks rather than miles, fans from across the globe can virtually gather in a single digital arena, where the grass seems just as green and the goals just as mesmerizing.

But what does it take to find the best 해외축구중계 experiences? It’s about diving into the high-definition streams, but also about narrative—finding that broadcast that carries the roar of the crowd into your living room in crisp clear audio. It’s about commentators who can paint a picture so vivid, you’ll feel every pass, tackle, and goal as if you were there, holding your breath with the rest of the stadium.

Of course, online spectating isn’t just about the stream quality; it’s about being part of a community. The chats and forums buzzing with every play build a camaraderie that crosses oceans and demolishes boundaries. It’s here, in this virtual camaraderie, where the true heart of 해외축구중계 beats.

As you emerge from this digital surf, the end of the match nearing, a conclusion looms on the horizon. The beauty of international football broadcasts is their ability to unite fans under the flag of their favorite sport, regardless of the thousands of miles that might lie between.


1. Why do fans seek out 해외축구중계?
Fans seek 해외축구중계 to watch international football games in real-time, irrespective of their geographical location, and to experience the game with fellow enthusiasts around the world.

2. How does 해외축구중계 enhance the viewing experience?
해외축구중계 offers high-definition streaming, passionate commentary, and enables viewers to engage with a global community of fans, enhancing the overall experience.

3. Can 해외축구중계 be accessed on any device?
Yes, 해외축구중계 can typically be accessed on various devices, as long as they support streaming and have a stable internet connection.

4. Is there a delay in 해외축구중계 compared to live matches?
While there can be a minimal delay, most 해외축구중계 services strive to provide real-time or near real-time broadcasts.

5. Are 해외축구중계 services usually free?
The availability of free or paid 해외축구중계 services can vary, with some offering free streaming while others might require a subscription or payment.…

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Jan 4, 2024
The Fusion of Tradition and Accessibility: Exploring the Thrilling World of 에볼루션파워볼

Evolution Powerball, or 에볼루션파워볼 in Korean, has become an increasingly popular online betting game. With its roots reaching into the heart of dynamic gaming culture, it represents the fusion of traditional lottery-style draws with the digital age’s instant accessibility. Players from all walks of life find themselves drawn to the thrill of predicting outcomes and the chance of winning big.

Engaging in 에볼루션파워볼 offers the digital denizen an exhilarating experience. Imagine the anticipation as the numbers roll out, each one possibly the key to an epic win. It’s much like the sense of adventure one feels when embarking on a journey through uncharted territories; there’s a destination, but every step is wrapped in mystery. As with any game of chance, the emotional rollercoaster is part of the allure—the highs of a near win, the lows of just missing the mark, and the eternal hope that the next play might just turn fortunes around.

Playing 에볼루션파워볼 is fairly straightforward, though it does come with its own set of stratagems. Participants select a series of numbers, hoping their choices match the randomly generated results. Success hinges on a fusion of luck and, some would argue, a hint of strategy. It’s akin to fishing in a vast ocean; you’ve picked your spot, you’ve chosen your bait, and now you wait, hoping for that satisfying tug on the line.

As with the most memorable tales, the conclusion of each 에볼루션파워볼 game brings a sense of closure with it—whether a lesson in humility or the joy of success. The narrative of the game, much like a well-spun yarn, keeps participants on the edge of their seats, eager for the next installment. Winners find their diligence and patience rewarded, while those who come away empty-handed are often filled with fresh resolve to try again, learning from each experience.


1. What is 에볼루션파워볼?
에볼루션파워볼 is an online betting game similar to a lottery, where players choose numbers and hope they match the drawn numbers to win.

2. How do you play 에볼루션파워볼?
Players select a set of numbers and then a draw determines the winning numbers. Matching these numbers could lead to winning prizes.

3. What strategy can be used in 에볼루션파워볼?
While mostly a game of chance, some players look for patterns in the numbers drawn or use their favorite numbers as a consistent strategy.

4. Is 에볼루션파워볼 available internationally?
Access to 에볼루션파워볼 depends on local gambling laws and it may not be accessible in all countries.

5. Are winnings from 에볼루션파워볼 taxable?
Tax implications for winnings will vary based on the player’s country of residence and local tax laws.…

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Dec 24, 2023
Global Social Issues: Inequality, Poverty, Migration, Climate Change, and Reproductive Justice.

International Social Issues

International social issues are global problems with deep roots that affect human well-being and sustainable development. These include inequality based on income, sex, age, disability and gender orientation as well as the lack of opportunity for all people.

These problems require a response that goes beyond simply calling for more government.


Poverty affects all aspects of life, including health and education. It can also impact the ability to participate in the economy and make productive decisions. There are many reasons for poverty, including lack of monetary resources, unaffordable housing and utilities, lack of food and water, and discrimination.

Some groups are disproportionately affected by working poverty, such as women and people with disabilities. These groups often have limited opportunities to find decent employment and may be vulnerable to labour abuses.

It is possible to reduce poverty, as many Asian and Latin American countries have demonstrated. However, progress has been slower than hoped and it is unlikely that the world will meet its target of eliminating extreme poverty by 2030. This is partly because rich countries have cut their aid to poor nations.


Inequality encompasses all forms of disparity in resource endowments, access to resources, and the rewards for labour. It is a key issue that affects people around the world. It is not just a matter of fairness; inequality harms the overall functioning of societies.

Global inequality arises from the exploitation of developing countries’ natural resources and workers by developed nations. The exploitation is driven by modernisation principles and a capitalist global economic system.

Despite improvements in gender, racial and sex equity, global inequality continues to increase. It is exacerbated by unequal migration patterns during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and a vaccine apartheid whereby wealthy pharmaceutical corporations are able to distribute more of their vaccines to richer countries. It is also exacerbated by the effects of climate change on low-income communities.


Migration affects a broad range of international social issues, including economic development, climate change, global health and security. It also creates a flow of remittances that helps families back home, boosts international trade and FDI, and provides an opportunity for migrants themselves to gain skills.

However, inflows of refugees and displaced people can cause problems for host countries and communities: a lack of employment opportunities may negatively impact the economy, while an increase in labor market competition can strain the finances of certain segments of native workers. In addition, refugees can reignite preexisting tensions among different ethnic groups competing for resources and territory.

This is why it is important to understand the drivers of migration, and to address their negative impacts. It is also important to promote policies that support the aspirations and capacities of migrants.

Climate change

Climate change is a global challenge, but its impacts are felt differently by people and communities. Those who have the resources to shield themselves from climate risks like water scarcity, crop failures, sea level rise and health issues from air pollution are more resilient. They can afford to evacuate during hurricanes, buy food that isn’t impacted by drought and live comfortably in homes with cool air.

People who depend on the land for their livelihoods are among the most vulnerable to climate changes. Efforts to mitigate the impact of climate changes should consider how policies can disproportionately affect people with limited capacity to adapt. They should also take into account the impact of policies on poor countries that could impose unsustainable financial burdens. This would undermine development and poverty eradication efforts.

Reproductive justice

Reproductive justice is a broad movement that addresses the rights of women and girls to make their own decisions about fertility, sexuality and reproductive health. It also includes addressing barriers to accessing optimal health.

For example, it is common for doctors to recommend contraception for all adolescents. But the recommendation may not take into account the priorities and wishes of young people. It also does not address the stigma surrounding certain methods of birth control, such as implants or IUDs.

Reproductive justice activists advocate for individuals to be informed about all birth control options and have access to a wide range of contraceptives. They also fight against policies like the Global Gag Rule, which restricts global health funding. Adding the lens of reproductive justice to existing reproductive rights movements can help to create fresh language, identify new allies and foster nontraditional partnerships so that the optimal health/reproductive justice movement fully reflects the voices of all women.

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Nov 18, 2023
NBA중계: Bringing the Thrill and Access of Live NBA Action to Fans Everywhere

Basketball enthusiasts around the globe hold their breath as the National Basketball Association (NBA) serves up yet another thrilling season packed with jaw-dropping dunks, intricate plays, and heart-stopping buzzer-beaters. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of watching live NBA action, where every game can be a showcase of talent, athleticism, and the sheer will to win. But not everyone can be courtside or have access to games via cable TV. This is where ‘NBA중계’ comes to the rescue, ensuring that hoops fans don’t miss a single layup, free-throw, or three-pointer shot.

Imagine yourself immersed in a sea of fans virtually, cheering for your favorite team as they dribble, pass, and shoot. Live NBA broadcasting, or ‘NBA중계,’ as it’s known among Korean-speaking fans, is not just a transmission; it’s a bridge connecting you to the very heart of the basketball universe, regardless of where you are. With the rise of online streaming services, accessing these games has become much more convenient and interactive. Fans could partake in the live-action from their devices, engaging with fellow supporters, sharing their thoughts, and experiencing the adrenaline rush as if they were physically present.

Let’s dive into the unparalleled enthusiasm that is an NBA game broadcast. Picture this: the clock is ticking down, the score is tight, and that one decisive play is about to unfold. This is the moment when legends are made and remembered. The live broadcast captures every angle, ensuring you get a front-row experience of that pivotal moment. And it doesn’t end at the buzzer; the post-game analysis allows an in-depth understanding of the game, enriching the viewing experience even further.

But what about those heartwarming stories off the court? The life of an NBA athlete is one filled with both challenges and triumphs, and ‘NBA중계’ brings you closer to those personal narratives. From an unprecedented comeback after an injury to a rookie’s rise to fame, these broadcasts tell tales of determination, perseverance, and passion.

In conclusion, NBA live broadcasting takes you on a journey, a roller coaster ride filled with all the highs and lows – the essence of the beautiful game of basketball. And for fans who speak Korean, having access to ‘NBA중계’ is like having a courtside seat at every game.


1. What is ‘NBA중계’?
2. Can you watch NBA games live online?
3. Why is accessibility to NBA games important for fans?
4. Are there any additional benefits to watching NBA games through live broadcasts?
5. How do ‘NBA중계’ services enhance the overall experience for basketball fans?


1. ‘NBA중계’ refers to the live broadcasting of NBA games, particularly catering to Korean-speaking audiences.
2. Yes, NBA games can be watched live online through various streaming services and platforms offering NBA중계.
3. Accessibility allows fans from all over the world to stay connected with their favorite teams and players, making geographical location irrelevant.
4. Yes, live broadcasts often include extras such as high-definition viewing, multiple camera angles, and in-depth post-game analysis which enhance the viewing experience.
5. ‘NBA중계’ services offer not just the live game telecast but also personal stories, detailed statistics, and an interactive platform for fans to engage and feel part of the NBA community.…

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Nov 13, 2023
The International Journal of Global Energy Issues: A Platform for Multidisciplinary Energy Research

The International Journal of Global Energy Issues

The international journal of global energy issues is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal in the field of energy research. It provides a platform for researchers, scientists, engineers, technology developers, planners and policy makers to publish their work without restriction.

The journal is published by Inderscience Enterprises Ltd, and its coverage history goes back to 1989. It has a high impact factor and is indexed by Scopus.

It is a peer-reviewed journal

The journal publishes original research and review articles examining the relationship between energy systems and society. Articles cover a broad range of topics, including energy technologies, fuels, and markets. In addition, the journal provides a forum for discussion of the implications of technological change for world energy development and sustainable society.

The current global energy crisis is delivering shocks of unprecedented breadth and complexity. It has prompted governments to take short-term measures to shield consumers from price increases, and to accelerate structural changes. In some cases these changes are helping to alleviate the impact of rising prices, but the most disadvantaged are still bearing the burden of high energy costs.

International Journal of Global Energy Issues is published open access, so all articles are available to read, download and share immediately upon publication. The journal is also fully indexed in Scopus, MEDLINE, Embase, CABI and GEOBASE. It has a h-index of 27. The ISSN number is 17415128.

It is published by Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.

Inderscience publishes over 424 journals across all fields of science and technology. They also have a strong presence in the field of energy with journals that focus on nuclear energy, climate change, and more. These journals have a high impact factor in their respective fields and are a good choice for researchers looking to publish their work.

The rapid increase in the world’s energy needs is creating unsustainable situations such as air pollution, acidification due to sulphur and nitrogen oxide emissions and global warming caused by greenhouse gases. The solution to these challenges is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and shift to renewable energy sources.

Vigorous economic growth and progressive motorisation will expand China’s primary energy demand. This will have significant impacts on the world energy markets and in Northeast Asia. It will lead to increased reliance on Middle Eastern oil and reinforce the energy security problems of oil importing countries in the region.

It is indexed by Scopus

Energy is an international journal in energy engineering and research, publishing the latest research findings on the development of advanced energy technologies. The journal publishes papers from multidisciplinary areas of energy engineering, with a focus on research in mechanical and thermal sciences. The journal also welcomes papers on related topics, provided that they are within the broader scope of developments in energy.

This is a peer-reviewed journal with an international editorial board and high visibility. The journal is indexed in Scopus, CAPlus/SciFinder, Embase, and GEOBASE. Articles are available for free online access.

ISSN is a unique 8-digit code that identifies journals, newspapers, periodicals and magazines in all their forms. It is used to identify and link publications in the bibliographic databases. The ISSN number of International Journal of Global Energy Issues is 17415128, 09547118. The h-index of this journal is 27. It means that 27 articles in this journal have been cited more than 27 times.

It is published in English

The International Journal of Global Energy Issues is published by Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. Its ISSN number is 17415128 and ISJN number is 09547118. The ISSN system is a unique numbering scheme that allows the identification of journals and publications worldwide. It is used for indexing, abstracting, and referencing purposes.

A wide range of measures have been implemented to cope with the ongoing energy crisis, including oil and other fossil fuel depletion, the economic efficiency versus population growth debate, and environmental issues such as climate change. Some of these measures include the expansion of natural gas and renewable energy sources, increased investment in infrastructure, and more ambitious clean energy targets.

The Journal is committed to providing a multidisciplinary platform for research in all areas of the global energy agenda. This includes research on the full energy spectrum, the energy life cycle, and the interconnection of energy systems. Its scope includes nuclear, solar, and wind power; hydroelectricity; fusion energy; and the impact of these technologies on sustainable development.

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Oct 30, 2023
Multiplicity and Inter-societal Coexistence in International Relations

M International Fund

The M International Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in a broadly diversified portfolio of primarily non-U.S. equity securities. It is an externally managed, multi-manager fund.

In the context of IR, Multiplicity emerged as a research programme in 2015 and has since given rise to a Carr lecture, journal forums (such as the current issue of Globalizations), and a round table event at the EISA conference in 2019. Nonetheless, it remains a debated term.


Multiplicity is a promising new common ground in international relations (IR) and deserves wider recognition. Since its emergence in 2015, it has given rise to a Carragher Lecture, a journal forum in Globalizations and an EWIS conference session. In addition, it is now being increasingly explored by scholars from diverse backgrounds and in a wide range of international studies fields.

This section offers a broad inventory of multiplicity across a range of sectors/products and discusses its implications for CSR policy, GVC governance and the role of lead firms in multi-standard supply chains. It identifies three types of multiplicity – implementation/monitoring, competitive and societal multiplicity and explores their consequences for various market actors (see Table II).

Implementation multiplicity concerns the effects on the efficiency of standards’ implementation and monitoring. In particular, it increases the costs for market actors that are subject to multiple standardizations and may result in overlapping or even incongruently duplicating implementation/monitoring policies at producer facilities. This type of multiplicity also raises fears of a race to the bottom in which standards become more lenient to attract firms, thereby undermining overall effectiveness of standards.

Inter-societal coexistence

As in non-human ecological communities, groups with competing interests in a shared landscape can coexist sustainably only if direct competition is limited and competitive advantage equalized. The latter depends on how much the members value cultural pluralism, whether formal and informal social institutions provide equity, and whether people are flexible enough to adjust to change.

Similarly, conflict and peacebuilding efforts can help engender inter-societal coexistence in post-conflict and fragile environments. These initiatives include dialogue and exchange, problem-solving workshops, peace education, media campaigns to reframe the ‘other’, and so on. They may also involve the creation of spaces for interaction without violence and the building of new ties between different communities in professional, family, and friendship settings. These endeavours may be supported by a range of actors, from the local to the international, at the centre and periphery of societies. Moreover, they should seek to generate interactions that are proactive rather than reactive and foster discourses (i.e., political, pedagogical, artistic) that promote inter-societal coexistence.

Inter-disciplinary research

The term inter-disciplinary is used to describe research that utilizes the approaches of several established disciplines or traditional fields of study. It is also a term used to refer to teaching and learning pedagogies that connect different academic schools of thought, professions or technologies in the pursuit of common objectives.

Interdisciplinary research may involve using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. It may also involve combining research from multiple sources and bringing them together in a coherent manner to form a complete explanation.

Some argue that the goal of interdisciplinary research is to transcend disciplines. They see the disciplinary silos of knowledge as problematic both epistemologically and politically. This view of interdisciplinarity may be influenced by critiques of the dominance of academic knowledge within society and demands for social justice.

The international beyond IR

The Active M International Equity Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation through a diversified portfolio of primarily non-U.S. equity securities and related income. It may be appropriate for investors who are aware that investing in foreign markets entails additional risks, such as social and political instability, reduced market liquidity and currency volatility.

The vast majority of international relations (IR) theories were developed mainly in response to Eurocentric concerns. As a result, they have little to say about what happens in the world’s other 80%. By deconstructing leading schools of critical IR theory – Gramscianism, postmodernism and feminism – to reveal their frequent lapsing into Eurocentrism, this article seeks to re-imagine a more robustly anti-Eurocentric critical IR by steering it in fresh non-Eurocentric directions. This is done through deploying an ‘inclusive knowledge futures’ analytical framework that mainstreams a number of profound Africa based philosophies (henceforth Afric-rhektology). In doing so it can also help decolonise the current order in IR studies.

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Oct 26, 2023
Global Issues and Proposed Solution: Addressing Terrorism, Hostage Taking, Narcotic Drugs, Global Warming, Gender Equality, Health, and Human Rights

Global Issues and Proposed Solution

There are many global problems that affect the whole world. These include AIDS, climate change and gender inequality. These issues require a global solution.

In addition to tackling these global challenges, it is important to address corruption and make international cooperation easier. This will require a shift in the way we think about international relations.


Terrorism involves the use of violence or the threat of violent action to attain political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, or religious goals. It also may cause economic destabilization or damage.

Terrorist attacks often take place in countries with high levels of internal conflict, such as Iraq, Syria, and Somalia. This makes it difficult to distinguish between terrorism and other forms of violence, such as civil war or homicide.

Terrorism is a problem that affects the international community. It is important to have a legal definition of terrorism, so that people are not unfairly targeted or denied their freedom of expression.

Hostage taking

Hostage taking has become a common and often deadly phenomenon in the international arena. The practice is prohibited by international humanitarian law and the constitutive instruments of international war crimes tribunals.

Four decades after the Convention Against Taking of Hostages was adopted, it is time for renewed coordination to address global trends in hostage-taking and recovery. Hostage-takers increasingly target non-military individuals to derive financial, propaganda, and recruitment benefits.

States must work together to deny hostage-takers concessions such as prisoner releases, policy changes, and ransom payments. Survivors of high-profile hostage incidents are also at risk for developing the so-called Stockholm syndrome, which is characterized by positive feelings towards one’s captors.

Narcotic drugs

The world drug problem threatens human values and social structures, undermines international economic development, jeopardizes the health of people and disrupts national security. It is a global issue and requires worldwide cooperation.


Drug abuse engenders social problems such as family discord, mental illness and loss of employment. It also deprives users of their rights, including access to jobs, welfare assistance and public housing. In a context of global economic interdependence, the impact on developing countries cannot be ignored. It is critical that consuming States implement efficient policies to cut demand.

Global warming

Global warming is a real and serious threat to the international community. It is caused by human activities that put carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, causing heat to rise.

It changes weather patterns, causes a rise in sea level, makes the oceans more acidic, leads to a loss of biodiversity and harms the health of people around the world. It also increases the risk of floods, droughts, and insect-borne diseases, such as malaria and dengue fever.

Citizens in advanced countries are more likely to take action to help reduce climate change, but the United States is not among them. It is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and has withdrawn from the Kyoto Protocol.

Gender equality

Gender inequality is a global issue that hinders the international community’s ability to progress. It manifests itself in laws that discriminate against women, and also in cultural norms that segregate them from men at a local level. Changing these norms is much harder than changing laws, but it’s important to do so if we want to achieve gender equality.

Unlocking the potential of half the world’s population is not only a moral imperative, it’s essential for global prosperity and security. It’s time to make women and girls’ equality a global priority.


Health is an international issue that impacts people worldwide. It is not just a matter of physical or mental well being; it is also a fundamental right. Many nations have incorporated the concept of health into their constitutions and are legally obliged to safeguard access to quality health care.

The global health agenda is shifting from traditional medical approaches to a broader approach encompassing social, economic and environmental factors. This shift is driven by the reality that global changes impact health in different ways and create new opportunities for health promotion.

Human rights

Human rights has become a driving force in the international community, but is still struggling to gain credibility as an effective tool of protection. Its initial emergence came from the aftermath of World War II and it was driven by concern over state abuse of power.

The core idea of human rights is that natural, inherent and inalienable rights are owed to all citizens by their creator. They are indivisible and denial of one right impedes enjoyment of others. The concept of human rights has a powerful impact on the moral conscience of nations and it must be given due respect.

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Oct 25, 2023
Global Issues: Causes, Effects, Solutions

Global Issues Definition

A global issue is a problem that involves many countries and affects people across the world. Its causes, effects and solutions span many disciplines and areas of life.

Global issues may involve great resistance to change, high levels of uncertainty about both cause and effect, and evident interconnections with other problems despite lack of certainty about precise connections or whether they exist at all.


Global issues are matters of international concern that affect people and the planet as a whole. They threaten the natural framework of humanity and disrupt economic and social progress. They range in severity from minor issues that affect everyone to catastrophic risks that may end human life as we know it.

For example, global issues include terrorism, disease (both new and old), the threat of nuclear disaster, environmental degradation, water scarcity, poverty, conflict, famine and climate change. These global issues are complex, interrelated and require cooperation among nations.

When a FootPrints agent reports an issue that is known to affect many users, it can be marked as a global issue. Global issues appear on the FootPrints homepage and can be used to create GlobalLinks. This feature saves agents time and effort by allowing them to report one Issue and then use the same Issue in multiple places. The same issue can also be closed simultaneously with a GlobalLink.


A global problem is a risk that crosses national boundaries, affects multiple societies, and threatens humanity as a whole. The risks can be social, economic or environmental and may be caused by human activity.

Global issues often arise from interrelationships between superficially segmented problems or issues at different levels of governance. They also occur as the result of complex, dynamic social messes that won’t keep still. The causes of a global problem may not be obvious or fully understood and can have long-term impacts on future generations.

A good example of a global issue is the lack of fresh water, which is a major cause of hunger and disease. Over two billion people are unable to access safe drinking water. This can lead to illness, especially from contaminated water and the spread of germs such as influenza and other infectious diseases. This is a global issue because it impacts people in many countries around the world and has profound implications for the health of the world’s population.


Global issues impact human behavior in fundamental ways. For example, rising temperatures cause the oceans to deplete, threatening food supplies and forcing migration patterns that disproportionately affect women and children. They also increase the likelihood of a pandemic, as they force animals and humans into new areas where they may come into contact with pathogens that can cross species barriers.

The effects of these issues can be hard to determine and difficult to manage. Many global problems involve complex interactions that require cooperation between governments, international organizations, universities, NGOs and creative individuals. The challenge is to find ways to promote sustainable development, ensure access to clean water and foster ethical market economies while addressing climate change, terrorism and new and re-emerging diseases.

Despite these challenges, there are reasons to be hopeful. Progress has been made, and the world is a more interconnected place with the coordination of systems, laws and policy across nations and regions.


As global issues become increasingly complex and intertwined, it’s difficult to know how to solve them. Some experts believe global solutions should involve addressing the root causes of these problems by promoting open innovation and collaboration across borders, among other things.

Other solutions may involve reducing poverty by ensuring access to food, water, and education for everyone. Promoting more ethical market economies and fighting new and re-emerging diseases can also help.

Although global progress has been made, it’s still a struggle to ensure that people all over the world have the same opportunities as those living in developed countries. This is why it’s important to teach youth about the global issues that matter most to them.

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Oct 24, 2023
Informative Speech Topics on International and Cultural Subjects

International Topics For Speech

The success of informative speeches depends on an interesting topic. It is best to choose an international topic that interests you.

The audience should leave the speech feeling like they have gained new knowledge on the subject. This is only possible if the speaker understands and loves the subject.

Cultural Topics

People are captivated by information about different cultures. Informative speech topics can be as simple as sharing a little bit of your own cultural background or you can explore the history and traditions of different countries.

Cultures express their values through art and music. Your audience may be interested in learning about a famous Russian composer or a ballet dancer from an African country. Music can also bring people together across borders and political divisions.

Socio-cultural topics cover the unique designs of a particular culture, such as language, law, religion and values. They are the foundation of a culture’s identity. This category can include many interesting informative speech topics like the social stigma of single mothers or how marketing strategies vary by country.

Food Topics

Food is a topic that can fascinate listeners, especially when you talk about the differences between different cultures and cuisines. You can also talk about the nutritional value of foods and the impact of fast food on a person’s health.

It is important to choose a speech subject that is interesting, creative, relevant, and informative. It’s also a good idea to pick a topic that relates to your audience or listeners. For example, if you’re talking to an audience of scientists, a speech about physics may not be the best choice.

You can find a wide variety of topics for informative speeches on the Internet, or you can use pre-assembled lists or course materials to derive topics. You can also use social media to find inspiration. For example, you could look at the Facebook page of your tutor to get ideas on interesting and captivating topics for speeches. This way, you’ll be able to come up with an engaging speech that will captivate your audience.

Politics Topics

A good informative speech topic should be intriguing to the audience without rehashing information they already know. That is why it’s important to research the audience and pick a topic that will satisfy their interest and knowledge level. The following is a list of international informative speech topics that are sure to capture the audience’s attention and provide them with valuable insight.

These topics range from scientific themes, like the incredible adaptations of animals to cultural and social subjects. They also include a wide variety of health matters, from exploring the benefits of mental health therapy to decoding the complexity of modern nutrition. Some of the topics also explore technological advances, ranging from artificial intelligence to space exploration. In addition to that, some of these topics touch upon political issues as well, such as the effect of globalization on politics and economics. Some of these subjects require extensive research, so make sure you plan ahead and allow plenty of time for preparation.

Economy Topics

When choosing a topic for an informative speech, it is important to keep the audience in mind. A topic that is too technical or too difficult to understand will quickly lose audience interest. The best informative speeches are those that captivate and intrigue, while remaining logical and coherent.

Using the power of reason to inform your listeners is the best way to build trust and create an informed society. Informative speeches are a great way to educate the public, and they can cover a wide range of topics from scientific subjects like incredible animal adaptations to historical themes like the Civil War.

It is important to remember that informative speeches are based on factual information and do not focus on building opinions. It is also important to avoid ad-hominem attacks in order to remain objective. This guide will provide tips on how to prepare a good informative speech on a variety of international topics.

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